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Donald Carlson Testimonial for Central Michigan Orthopaedics


I was an avid hunter and golfer until I started to experience chronic pain in both my knees. Over the years, the pain increased in severity and limited my ability to walk more than 100 yards without having to rest. It became difficult for me to enjoy life because of my decreased mobility and I no longer trusted my knees.

I decided to have a bilateral total knee replacement with both knees simultaneously at the age of 67. Charles J. Lilly, MD made me feel very comfortable and I knew I could trust him 100% with my care.

I couldn’t believe how great my recovery was following my surgery. I am back to golfing and hunting and I have a whole new life now thanks to Dr. Lilly and his team.

Thank you!

Lori Rogers Testimonial for Central Michigan Orthopaedics

LORI ROGERS, Mt. Pleasant, MI

I am an exercise enthusiast, a personal trainer, motorcyclist, bicyclist, and a former competitive bodybuilder. I did not sustain any specific injury to my hip, but I had experienced hip pain for many years. It was mild at first, but became debilitating, affecting all my activities. The pain interrupted my sleep and I could not climb stairs without excruciating pain.

After an evaluation with Dr Moutsatson, I decided to have a total hip replacement in November of 2013, at the age of 52. I was excited about the anterior approach procedure Dr Moutsatson had recommended because of the quicker recovery and minimal limitations.

Within a week of surgery, I was walking without a cane and felt 10 years younger because of pain free movement! I am so pleased with the excellent treatment and care I received from Dr Moutsatson.

I have my life back, THANK YOU!

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